Break Down

Breakdowns, Repairs and Warranty
At Adrian Calder air conditioning we provide break down repairs and warranty repairs for all makes and models of air conditioning systems. Adrian Calder air conditioning has qualified; friendly and professional staff members who will come out and perform a full diagnostic on your system to ensure that we find the problem and get it fixed to have you back in your comfort haven as soon as we can.

The Adrian Calder Air Conditioning staff are experienced and qualified to handle your emergency repair needs. If you have an emergency repair please Call or text (07) 3090 3381 or 0416 012 434 so one of our qualified Technicians can be sent out to help you. Please do not try to fix anything yourself it may void warranty, damage your system further or more seriously you may get injured.

With the beautiful Queensland weather, having an air conditioner can sometimes be the only way to get by on the unbearable hot summer days or chilly winter evenings. This is great when your air conditioner is working well and your home is cooled or heated and dehumidified from the weather outside. When it’s not working we suffer through restless nights, short tempers resulting with your stress levels through the roof.

If your air conditioner has stopped completely or has reduced the ability to keep you cool/warm then it’s time to get a service/repair done. Your air conditioner will usually let you know when there’s a problem. You’ve just got to know how to recognise the signs. Some of the tell-tale signs that point to a problem affecting the operation of your air conditioner include:
  • Noisier than usual operation including banging, clicking, screeching or whining
  • Water leaking from the unit
  • Ice inside the unit
  • An air conditioning unit that won’t turn on at all
  • A mouldy, musty or burnt smell when operating
  • An air conditioner that appears to be running but is unable to cool effectively
Your air conditioner’s warning signs will vary according to the nature of the underlying problem. You have to keep in mind that your air conditioner is a relatively complex piece of electrical equipment. Fiddling around with it when you don’t know what you’re doing can result in you…
  • Damaging your air conditioner even more
  • Voiding your warranty
  • Suffering an injury or even an electric shock.
Air conditioning problems are serious as your air conditioning systems are a complex electrical product. Calling a professional is a risk free way of making sure your air conditioning system gets repaired correctly, ensures you keep your warranty and so that you don’t get any potential injuries.

Call us on (07) 3090 3381 or 0416 012 434 to come out and have a look for you. Even expertly installed systems and high quality products can experience problems along the way.

Our repairs process is straight forward. You call us to come out and do a diagnostic on your system, we organise a time and day that is best suited for you and our technician. Our technician will come out and provide diagnostic and quote for repairs. Depending on the repair needs we may need to order in parts. Once the part is in we will call you to arrange time and day to repair your system.

The Technicians at Adrian Calder Air Conditioning are passionate about their trade and about providing quality products and service to our customers. Honesty, integrity and professionalism are part of our mission statement. With experience, knowledge and passion for what we do, we make sure your comfort is our priority.

We have a call out fee of $99 which includes a full diagnosis and quote to repair. You can give this information to your insurance provider or can do a cost comparative with another contractor.

Call us today for your break down repair needs: (07) 3090 3381 or 0416 012 434

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