Licensed Aircon Installation in Gold Coast and Brisbane

When it comes to getting the best quality and value air conditioning, Queensland locals flock to us because of our proud record of delivering just that. We pride ourselves on providing every one of our customers with a service that meets their
needs, and that is why our business thrives on its great reputation across the region.

We understand this is a big investment to your home and that’s why we only recommend equipment from major manufacturers with excellent warranty, service and long-term support.

We are your solution for Home, Office and Commercial Buildings
Our expertise in project consultation and installation of specialised systems means the experienced technicians at Adrian Calder air conditioning can service buildings from residential homes through to commercial properties and projects. Our company can install or refit evaporative air conditioning and ducted or reverse cycle air conditioning to existing buildings as well as projects under construction.

What we have to offer
What we have to offer is friendly, experienced and qualified installers who focus on efficiency and functionality of the system, we focus on the client’s needs and only recommend quality products and solutions, commitment to on-going support through our after sales support and help with any break downs, servicing or cleaning requirements you need.

Free In-Home, No-Obligation Quote
Let the comfort experts at Adrian Calder Air conditioning help you find the perfect solution to your heating and cooling needs. Contact our friendly sales and service team to arrange a free in-home, no-obligation quote on ph: 0416 012 434 OR (07) 3090 3381

Licenses and Accreditations
Electrical contractor’s license 84711
Arctick License L039869
Member of Master Builder’s Association

Why upgrade and replace
Why upgrade and replace your current system? There are many reasons to update older air conditioning systems. Here are a few reasons

1. New technology
Technology is incredible… and it sure moves fast! What was once leading-edge becomes outdated as the years go by.
The same goes for your air conditioning unit. If your system is more than 10 years old, you’ve certainly gotten your money’s worth! However, there’s merit in considering an upgrade to take advantage of the latest technology.

2. More efficient systems
Older units often lose their touch over time, meaning they have to work even harder for lacklustre results.
When you upgrade and replace your old system with a newer one, you’re not only enjoying cooler air, but a more efficient system that’s kinder to your wallet!

3. Enjoy fresher air
Newer, advanced systems have technology in place to better facilitate air flow throughout a home or business, ensuring the air you, your family, guests, employees, and visitors breathe is clean, fresh, and cool.
Advanced filtration systems also help remove dust, pollen, dander, and other common allergens from the air, creating a fresh and comfortable indoor environment. They can also remove excess moisture which helps to prevent the growth of mould indoors.

4. Precise climate control
An example of new technology we touched on above, precise climate control and zoning throughout different rooms or areas of your building can help you create a comfortable setting that accommodates all.
Precise climate control also ensures you don’t overuse your unit, helping you manage energy usage.

5. Enjoy the silence
Older models become cumbersome, ineffective, and noisy!
Particularly important in a corporate or office environment, an upgraded system can eliminate the problem of noise pollution, ensuring a clean, comfortable, and quiet space.

Should you upgrade and replace your current unit, or simply get it repaired?

Upgrade or repair?
It’s the age-old question that plagues almost all of us in regards to at least one item, appliance, or tool in the home or office.
The main consideration to make is based around value:
Is it worth getting an older unit repaired in order to stretch out its lifespan even further?
Or is an old, outdated system going to cost you more in repairs in the long run – and would your money be better spent invested into a new system?

Call the air conditioning experts!
If you’re unsure whether your current system can be salvaged or whether you’re better off preparing for summer now with a brand-new system, get in touch with the experts at Adrian Calder air conditioning on 30903381 or 0416 012 434. For nearly three decades, our team has been delivering heating and cooling solutions to all types of homes, businesses, and builds across Brisbane. We’ll take a close look at your unit, its performance, and any service history you might have to determine which option will offer you the best long-term value.

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