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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones. This means that the air conditioning system can be operated in the living areas during the day and in the bedrooms at night, saving money on energy costs. A great thing about ducted is that it is super quiet. Ducted air conditioning provides a discreet, unobtrusive way to effectively cool your home by hiding the unit outside the house out of view. Conditioned dehumidified air is then pumped into your home via ducts and vents placed in the ceilings, walls or floors, wherever they are required to supply optimal airflow to the home

At Adrian Calder air conditioning we offer a range of Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning systems that are high quality units, quieter and more cost-efficient. We individually design the system to ensure correct airflow to all areas and follow up after installation to ensure your system is operating at its peak efficiency.
You can have peace-of-mind that your air conditioning system will be the best value for money and our experienced installation technicians will take the utmost care and clean up once they are completed including taking all rubbish from the site.

CAPACITY: Make sure your chosen machine can keep up with demand. Generally Ducted RC machines aren’t designed to cool your whole home at once, only a portion of it. This is why we use “zones”. A larger machine running at 70% capacity, will use less electricity than a smaller machine running at 100% capacity.

ZONES: Zones are a handy innovation, that allow us to choose which rooms we condition in our homes and which we don’t need. Zones don’t directly affect the running costs on a machine (i.e. turning off a zone doesn’t immediately tell the machine to slow down), however, when we turn off the rooms were not using, the air is redirected to the rooms we are using, increasing airflow through those rooms and cooling them faster.

CONSTANT ZONE: Having a constant zone provides somewhere consistent for the machine to measure the temperature in your home, allowing your installer to correctly balance your machine and also allowing the machine to get accurate information on what you’re feeling in your home, ultimately reducing running costs.

CONTROLLERS: If you’re looking for a zoned system, choose a brand that actually provides controls for their zones in their machines, instead of fitting aftermarket controllers. If you’re looking for remote Wi-Fi control of your system, choose a brand that provides that feature as part of their machine.

DUCTING: Ducting, comes from many places in many styles. Essentially there is a couple of things you need, to ensure your system is going to work at its best. Make sure your ducting has at least an R1.0 rating, regardless of how thick the insulation is. Also make sure that all the ducting used has an AS fire rating.

DESIGN: Lastly, but most importantly, make sure the design of your system suits your family and your needs. Families and homes are not off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all, so neither should your AC system be. Make sure your AC Consultant understands what you expect from your system, and that they tailor that system to suit your needs.
We offer a wide range of brands to suit everyone’s preference including but not limited to Fujitsu, Midea, Actron Air, Daikin & others.

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Wall-Mount Split Systems

The split system air conditioner is one of the most versatile, clean, quiet and economical forms of residential air conditioning available. The indoor unit can be situated on the wall, floor or attached to the ceiling with refrigerant pipe work and electrical wiring connecting to the outdoor unit.

HOW DO SPLIT SYSTEMS WORK? : Split air conditioning systems have their name due to half the system (condenser) being outside the house while the other half (fan coil) is installed inside. When cooling, the warm air from inside the room is taken in by the fan coil and removed, resulting in cool air recirculating back into the house. Split air conditioning systems can be fitted to individual rooms, areas or multiple rooms connected by copper piping to an outdoor unit (condenser). Multi-head split air conditioning systems can be installed for up to nine rooms with only one outdoor unit, and allowing for individual temperature control of each room.

SPLIT SYSTEM FEATURES: ability to have multiple indoor units off one outdoor unit. Individual Room Temperature Control, Incredible Energy Star Rated, Easy clean, Low maintenance.

WHY SPLIT SYSTEM?: Wall mounted split air conditioning systems are the most commonly owned residential air conditioning system, as they are affordable and easy to maintain.

INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: Inverter technology is your key to more comfort throughout the year as it maintains a constant temperature, saves costs (less energy consumption) and produces relatively less noise when used. This is achieved through controlling the compressor rotation speed more precisely.

AFFORDABLE: Wall mounted split AC systems are the best affordable option for a one room, apartment or small house as they are relatively cheap to buy (depending on how many indoor units you require) and there is no duct work required.

INDEPENDENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Each indoor unit is able to control the room that it is installed in, thus each room can have a different temperatures.

AIR QUALITY: Many split air conditioning systems have air filtering and humidity control functions that regulate the amount of dust and humidity in a room. This gives sensitive customers (children, elderly, asthmatic or allergic users) an ease of mind and body.

COOLING ONLY: There are cooling only systems on offer if you think you can bear the cold of winter. These systems do not have a heating function like a reverse-cycle system does. It’s great if you’ve got a tight budget.

REVERSE CYCLE: If you’re budget conscious and you don’t want to take the risk of getting through a winter without heating, consider looking at reverse cycle air conditioning units. The good news is that reverse-cycle air conditioners have the benefit of heating and cooling in one. They are also much more energy efficient than traditional heaters, which means they help the environment and save you money.


  • Request an assessment of your home or office to determine system size
  • Inverter, cooling only or reverse-cycle systems all have their pros and cons. Consider which ones are suited to your needs and budget
  • Split-systems don’t just come wall mounted. Consider whether a cassette, ceiling and floor console or multi-system will better suit your needs
  • Different brands offer different features. Take the time to compare the brands and read the brochures to ensure you purchase a brand of split-system air conditioner that best suits your needs
To ensure the comfort of your property – contact our office on 0416 012 434 to arrange your free quote, installation or service today!
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